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We have always been fascinated by Thailand, for the perfect balance of its philosophy, the beauty of its rituals, the power of age-old massage techniques… And also for its perfumes, its colours, the smiles of its people…

Thai Spa was born out of our strong desire to bring to Italy a little bit of that wonderful faraway world, to have it close at hand. Because we couldn't part with it any more.

Our centre
Thai Spa is in Mestre (VE) at a stone's throw from Venice. Both Thai Spa centres elegantly recreate Thai atmospheres: deep reds and golden hues, flowers and petals, soft Thai music, exotic fragrances and flavours… Traditional Thai furnishings are harmoniously set in modern structures equipped with the most up-to-date systems (wall heating, state-of-the-art saunas and Jacuzzis, etc.) to give our Guests a feeling of total well-being.

Our staff
Thai Spa therapists are highly qualified professionals, trained in Thailand at the best schools, and chosen for Thai Spa after careful selections. Our staff also comprises five beauticians specializing in beauty treatments.

Traditional Thai massage
Traditional Thai massage is an ancient technique, giving a profound feeling of inner well-being both to those who give it and to those who receive it. By working on the ten main energy lines flowing through our body, Thai massage dissolves energy blocks and frees the flow of energy. Therapists manipulate our body using not only their hands, but also their feet, elbows and knees. All their movements are rhythmical, smooth, unhurried. It is like a ritual, a deep mutual listening experience. Learn more »

Welcome to Thai Spa
Just cross the threshold of Thai Spa, and you will enter an enchanted world. Our therapists will welcome you to Thai Spa with the joyful smiles of all Thai people, their hands gracefully joined in the "wai" (the Thai greeting). They will invite you to sit in soft armchairs and, first things first… they will ask you to take off your shoes, providing you at the same time with comfortable slippers. Then they will offer you a herbal tea, hot and aromatic. While sipping your tea in that exotic atmosphere, you will start to slow down and relax, breathing more calmly, freeing your thoughts. When you will be walked to your room for your treatment, it will be like entering a magic castle.

Good reputation
We have won a good reputation not only thanks to the quality of our treatments, but also thanks to the reliability and uprightness of our therapists. We kindly require our Guests not to tip our therapists and not to ask for different services from those they have booked. Guests who will not respect the dignity of our therapists or who will behave in a disrespectful way will be asked to leave and won't be allowed to come back.

Thai Spa in numbers
1,000 square metres
25 rooms
19 Thai therapists
5 beauticians

Thai SPA - Mestre (VE), viale Ancona 37 | tel. +39 041 931870 +39 347 0866709 |
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